For IPS-15

Glass fibre chopper gun. A newly designed lightweight chopper and spray gun. All moving parts are fitted with ball bearings. The pressure between the rubber roller and the knife roller can be adjusted during operation to allow the use of inferior glass fibre. The chopper can easily be removed from its casing for cleaning and inspection.

Chopped glass fibre is fed into a special designed shouter, allowing the fibre to be directed into the material mix with a high degree of accuracy. The standard length of chopped fibre is 25 mm, but other lengths are available on request. The chopper has a very high capacity and can also be used for other types of fibre. Up to three strands can be used at the same time.

For IPS-8000 & IPGS-8000

Three different choppers are available:

  • 4900 rpm (standard on IPS-6000)
  • 6000 rpm (standard on IPS-8000)
  • 10000 rpm (for high volume)

IPS-15 chopperIPS-8000 & IPGS-8000 choppers