Be safe with spray equipment

If handled correctly, and if the safe handling instructions given by the material suppliers are followed, the hazard with spray equipment is close to nil.

In addition to material suppliers recommendation, be aware of following: Due to the chemical character of multicomponent material

  • Don’t do any repairs or modifications on the machines with anything else than original parts from the machine supplier.
  • Never point a spray gun at any part of your body or anybody else’s. Airless, high pressure spray, can give severe injuries by skin penetration.
  • Never leave a spray gun unattended without releasing the pressure and engaging the trigger lock.
  • Make sure that all parts of the machine is properly grounded, to avoid static to built up. All drums and other wessels should also be connected to the ground.
  • Clean up all spillage and waste immediately, spillage of catalyst can cause fire or still worse, explosions.

Always make sure, that all personnel are informed about the risks with peroxides, and that they are educated in the safe and proper handling of it.