1900 Auto

System 1900 Auto

System 1900 is designed for string spreading of low to medium viscosity of one-component adhesives, such as moisture cured Polyurethane’s, PVC and Silicones.This system is suitable in such applications as sandwich panel production where an even and accurate adhesive spread is required. System 1900 improves the quality of the final product, simplifies production and improves the working environment.

System 1900 can be supplied with fixed or movable spreader bars. In the fixed design, the panels are transported on a conveyor under the spreaders. In the movable design, the spreader bars move over the panels applying the adhesive. To achieve optimal efficiency, selection of a suitable machine design depends on the size and length of the panels, production speed, press time etc.

The spreader can be split into sections manually or automatically for variable panel width. System 1900 can also be equipped to automatically control the amount of adhesive and water applied to the surface in gram/m2.

The system is very suitable for manufacturing of sandwich panels and is compatible with many surface materials, such as steel, aluminium, wood, GRP, gypsum etc., and core materials like rock wool, polystyrene etc. Typical applications are building and housing panels, RV and trailer panels, steel and plastic doors and wood lamination.

The automatic PLC control system activates the stop and start process of the adhesive to eliminate waste.The operator needs only to push the start button to activate the system.

Product sheet

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Technical data

Capacities 50-500 g/m2
Web speed 1-30 m/min
Spreader width From 50 up to 3000 mm
Spreader section As per specification
Water spray From 1-20 %
Air pressure req. 5-7 bar
Air volume req. 500-1500 l/min
Current req. 230 V, 50 Hz
- 110 V, 60 Hz
Viscosity range Up to 50,000 mPas(cps)
Adhesive container size 25, 200, 1500 kg
Machine weight Approx. 350 kg dep. on size
Dimensions As per specification
Pumps As per specification