1900 Manual

System 1900 Manual

Manual spreader system type 1900 for one component adhesives

System 1900 Manual is designed for string spreading of low to medium viscosity of one-component adhesives, such as moisture cured Polyurethane’s, PVC and Silicones.

The system is suitable for manufacturing of sandwich panels and is compatible with many surface materials, such as steel, aluminium, wood, GRP, gypsum etc., and core materials like rock wool, polystyrene etc. Typical applications are building and housing panels, RV and trailer panels, steel and plastic doors and wood lamination.

The manual system is a very simple and robust system, easy in handling and maintenance. It would be you choice in a start up production process, during test or for smaller productions series.

There are three main layouts, the pump direct in adhesive drum, movable trolley, or a floor fixed pump. The latter can be equipped with connection to any adhesive supply such as pail, drum or container.

All system are tailor made with respect to the specific, poduct, production requirements and adhesive.

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