About us

Scanrex delivers equipment for viscous materials. We manufactures complete machines, components and accessories for pumping, dosing, mixing and applying materials such as polyurethane, epoxy, foams, silicon and different type of adhesives. We produce one, two or multi-component equipment as well as custom made solutions according to our clients requirements. Our equipment can either be adapted for manual application or be incorporated into fully automated systems.

Scanrex entered the market in 1982, when we initially produced pumps for paint and varnish. During the following years we gradually moved over to higher viscosity materials. For more than 30 years we have delivered high quality products to many different sectors of industry all over the world, ranging from automotive and plastic industry to electronics and military industry. Our customers are in all industries that use adhesives or other types of 2 component materials, for example, automotive, parquet floors, trailers, electronics, furniture or train panels, where the quality is critical. In 2013 Scanrex was aquired by Aplicator System AB and became a part of the Aplicator Group.