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At Aplicator Group we often work in close partnerships with customers in need of highly customized solutions. Our long experience from many different industries, combining different liquid material technologies, has made us an expert in our field. Especially when it comes to complicated set-ups.

Are you setting up factory or planning a new step in your production line? Or are you looking for a way to apply your material but don’t know how?

You’ve come to the right place. Our experts are always interested to hear about your challenge and to assist you with problem-solving. Let us see how our machines and solutions can be tailored and adjusted to meet your specific needs.



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Experience & knowledge

Aplicator Group products and solutions are operating in many different industries. This has given us a broad outlook as well as insight into the challenges of many different markets. Our long experience makes us well prepared to offer advice that can be of value.

Solutions & development

Working together in a consulting partnership our first step is to learn everything we can about your needs and goals. Depending on the scope of the assignment we will guide you through a structured process from initial need to a working solution that is up and running.

Method & technology

Aplicator Group products are designed for industries in need of handling a wide array of viscose materials with best possible results. Our products pump, meter, mix and dispense most materials on the market. Whatever application you need – you can count on Aplicator Group.

These are some of materials we work with:

MS Polymer / Epoxy / Silicone / MMA / Polysulfide / Polyurethane / Polyester / Gelcoat


Are you facing a new challenge, entering unknown technological terrain and feel unsure of what you need? Let our experts guide you right. At Aplicator Group we are happy to sit down and discuss your challenge. Based on your brief our consultants can then come up with a solution, either by selecting or adapting standard products to create the best fit for you.


We offer courses and education for operations and maintenance of all our products. Either in English or Swedish. Let us know your needs and we’ll be happy to arrange an efficient course for you.

Service & maintenance

Some of our customers conduct their own service and maintenance. Others prefer us coming out. We offer on-site service and maintenance on our machines. To guarantee maximum uptime in your production we can also arrange for scheduled recurring maintenance on agreed service-intervals.

Spare parts

When you buy Aplicator Group products you can trust that spare parts will be available for many years to come. For us it’s nothing unusual to get requests for spare parts on 40-year-old machines. Tell us about your needs and we’ll be happy to help you out.


We are always here for you and your questions. Our helpline is open all weekdays at regular office hours.

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