Unique challenges call for unique solutions


Every field and industry involve unique challenges. Often standard solutions will not work without customization – something Aplicator Group excels at.  At Aplicator Group we work closely with our customers to design customized solutions that will give excellent result both when it comes to quality and workflow. Take a minute and read what some of our Aplicator Group customers have to say.


When the result counts – Hallberg-Rassy

When the world’s finest sailing yachts are built at Hallberg-Rassy on the Swedish Westcoast, it’s a meticulously refined process.

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Podcomp – building bathrooms for the future

Podcomp is a groundbreaking bathroom manufacturer delivering 2500 bathrooms each year. Their five machines from Aplicator Group are absolutely vital for the highly efficient production line to run smoothly.

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Flying the flag for quality – Formenta

What has the White house in Washington in common with the UN-building in Vienna, the Commonwealth games and Friends Arena in Stockholm? They all have had flagpoles delivered from Formenta in Värnamo, Sweden.

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Sealing circuit boards to protect from electric sparks – Sundström Safety

Manufacturing safety equipment does not only involve meeting with the strictest regulations. It also means taking responsibility for people’s safety in hazardous conditions. Knowing that no chain is stronger that its weakest link Sundström Safety chooses its suppliers with care. They chose Aplicator Group.