About us

Aplicator Group is a world-renowned expert in advanced liquid application where accuracy and precision is key. Customer-focused and driven by innovation we have 40 years of experience manufacturing equipment for metering, mixing and dispensing of single- and multi-component materials.


Over the years

The group has grown with the acquisition of Scanrex and Barkvall Engineering. Together as one, Aplicator Group can offer unmatched expertise in a wide range of applications. From small hand operated units to fully automated robotic systems. Aplicator Group is based in Mölnlycke, Sweden as a part of larger family-owned industrial group Vätterleden Invest AB. All Aplicator Group solutions are assembled at our plants in Sweden.


True engineering

Interesting problems make great ideas spark. At Aplicator Group, meeting technical problems with intelligent solutions is in our DNA. True engineering is the very core and soul of our company. We believe in doing it right and doing it well. And to never stop looking for a smarter solution. It’s simply our pride and passion to create the best equipment possible. And our dedication is something you can rely on. We will always stay true.

Tailored for you

No matter how devoted we are to technology, our true calling is being there for our customers. Learning and meeting your unique needs and challenges is what keeps technology interesting. We are always ready to offer customized solutions, education and consultant services. Just give us a call.

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Clever solutions easy to use

If it was easy anybody could do it. Metering, mixing and dispensing viscose materials with the highest accuracy is complicated. It requires both innovativeness and experience. At Aplicator Group this has resulted in expert engineering services and a wide range of high precision products, suitable for many different markets and industries. Built for precision and durability. Easy to operate and service. And with expert support available.

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