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The product lines of Aplicator, Scanrex and Barkvall offer a wide range of machines and tools for specialized liquid material applications. And we will be here offering service, spare parts and accessories to keep you up and running.

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Industries, materials and applications are three ways to divide our range. Yet, the versatility of our products makes many of them useable in more than one area. Finding the right tool for you often starts with answering a few questions: What material do you need to pump and what kind of volumes? Do you want to spray, roll or dispense in some other way? Our solutions stretches from the potting of small electronics to spray up of yacht hulls.

The choice is yours

Our standard equipment allows for high customer adaptation and many custom choices can be made. Depending on your need for stationary or mobile machines you can get wheels, you can have hoses in different lengths and sizes as well as the nozzle dimension of your choice. 

Mixing of multi components can be done in the machine, or in the gun which allows for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Tailor-made solutions

Our standard machines can be mounted and adapted to fit smooth moving assembly lines and robotic systems. From our wide range of quality products, we pick the needed parts and assemble them to meet greater production needs. 

We are happy to co-operate with other specialists and often do, for example together with automation-specialists or raw material suppliers. We can also build a customer-specific solution with you in a close cooperation.

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