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Since the 70s Aplicator Group has helped customers succeed in pumping, dosing and mixing single and multi-component resin systems. Over the years our innovative solutions have made us a consulted expert and a world-leading supplier of machines and technology.


Our machines from Aplicator Group are always running and they are absolutely vital for achieving the quality we demand from our finished products.”

– Henrik Nyholm, CEO at Formenta, makers of flagpoles and products for park and street environments.

Quality is sustainable

By making premium products of the highest quality we strive for sustainability, both when it comes to resources used and sustaining great customer relations. There’s a joy and pride in crafting smart products built to last. For us at Aplicator Group it’s a cornerstone in the philosophy we call True engineering. It’s not unusual for us to get calls from customers who need spare parts for a machine they bought 30-40 years ago. In fact, it happens every week. Whenever you buy a product from Aplicator Group you can rest assured you’ve made a wise choice.



The Group

Over the years, Aplicator group has grown with the acquisition of Scanrex and Barkvall Engineering. Together as one, fusing our knowledge and skill set, we can meet customer needs in a wide range of areas and industries. The original three manufacturing brands are now three product lines offered by Aplicator Group.


About us

The Aplicator product line

Aplicator is a well known product line for high quality composite application equipment for the GRP and thermoset industry. The wide range of Aplicator products stretches from smaller handheld equipment all the way to customized robot systems for large operations.

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The Barkvall product line

Barkvall is our product line for equipment used for sandwich bonding, offering both manual and automatic dispensing systems. A respected name in many different industries, Barkvall systems are compatible with both single and multi component adhesives. Whenever you need high output for large surface applications Barkvall machines are what you’re looking for.

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The Scanrex product line

Our renowned Scanrex line includes a wide range of systems for pumping and applying viscose materials where accuracy and precision is vital. The product line includes both one- and multi component systems for precise measuring and mixing and can pump both cold and heated materials. The Scanrex pumps are modular and can be combined in many different ways to be customized for specific applications. The Scanrex line also includes solutions for potting electronic equipment with two component materials.

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Choosing Aplicator Group-equipment wasn’t a difficult decision.
Our staff had long and good experience of working with Aplicator Group-products before and for such a vital part of our production we needed quality we could trust



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