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Aplicator Group products are used in many different industries. In electronics manufacturing, in the marine and automotive industry as well as in wind turbine manufacturing. Does your task at hand call for extreme precision and accuracy when metering and mixing? Or do you need impressive power and volume when it comes to pumping? No matter your need we are always interested to see if we can be of service.




Within the marine sector, Aplicator Group products have a long successful track record with many different applications. Our machines are used to manufacture motor boats and sailing yachts, inside and out, using composites with epoxy or polyester. For boat manufacturing we offer products for many different techniques – vacuum injection, lamination as well as spray-up solutions.

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Within the field of energy our solutions are used for many different tasks. Aplicator Group products for composite and bonding are used for the assembly of wind turbine blades up to a hundred meters long. Our products are also used to mount and fasten solar panels to metal frames. 

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Aplicator Group products have a long and close relationship to the automotive industry. Our products are used for many different applications. To apply rust protective coatings, the creation of composite parts for chassis, and to put floating gaskets on parts before assembly.

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Many Aplicator Group customers can be found within the transport industry. Our machines are used for making nosecones for high-speed trains, sandwich-panels for longhaul-trailers as well as parts for trucks and buses. And more creative uses keep showing up.

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Within the construction industry Aplicator Group machines are used for producing structurally insulated panels (SIP). These large and flat panels can cover exterior walls of industrial buildings or be used for creative designs. Our products are often used where sealed and waterproof constructions are needed, such as swimming pools.

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Moisture, temperature and vibrations can do a lot of damage to sensitive electronic. To protect the circuits and electronic components Aplicator Group machines are used for potting and encapsulation. Many different materials can be used depending on the protection needed, for example epoxy, polyurethane, silicon or polyester.

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At Aplicator Group we take pride in being practical and down to earth, but we’re up in space too. Aerospace is a demanding industry where equipment is put to the test. Nothing is allowed to go wrong. Our customers within the aerospace industry use Aplicator Group products for multiple purposes, potting of electronics as well as the creation of aerodynamic shapes.

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“Aplicator Group offers high quality and provide machines we can trust.”

– Thomas Tryggvebo, Hallberg-Rassy Marinplast



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