Flying the flag for quality – Formenta

What has the White house in Washington in common with the UN-building in Vienna, the Commonwealth games and Friends Arena in Stockholm? They all have had flagpoles delivered from Formenta in Värnamo, Sweden.

The story of Formenta starts almost 50 years ago when the engineer Olle Nyholm set out to start production of flagpoles in durable glassfiber and polyester composite. And ever since, Aplicator machines have been vital for their production.

A third-generation family business

A production plant was set up in Värnamo, Sweden and family business Formenta flag poles has been a success story ever since. Today the third generation Nyholm runs the company with an ever-expanding offer.

– Our relationship with Aplicator machines stretches back to the 70s, says Henrik Nyholm, CEO at Formenta and grandson to founder Olle Nyholm.

A wide range of products

Over the years Formenta has seen many new opportunities the durable and high-quality composite and has entered many markets with a wide range of products. Today Formenta also manufactures lamp posts, bicycle stands, sand boxes, benches and many different products for parks and city street environments.

The machines are always running

The Formenta production process involves both gelcoat application and fiber-composite applications.

– We have several different machines from Aplicator Group. They are always running and they are absolutely vital for achieving the quality we demand from our finished products, explains Henrik Nyholm.

Chosen once again

Formenta recently acquired a Barkvall glueing machine from Aplicator Group. Requests for offers were sent out to multiple companies. Yet, in the end choosing Aplicator wasn’t a difficult decision.

– When making our new investment our long and good relations with Aplicator made a big difference. We know their products are high quality and they are engaged and active in their customer support. To us it makes sense to have machines from the same supplier.

– Overall, these are machines you can rely on. They hold up well over time which is very important. And then there are spare parts and service and maintenance available. This means that we can run both old and new Aplicator machines in parallell, says Henrik Nyholm, CEO at Formenta.