One Component System


Barkvall System 1900Manual is designed for pumping and spreading one component adhesives such as Polyurethane. The 1900Manual can be configured in several different ways regarding pressure ratio, hose length, spreader type, nozzle diameter and length of extension pipe.



The pump is placed directly into the 200 litre adhesive drum and fixed with an adaptor screwed into the drum lid. An air drier is mounted onto the drum to keep the air in the drum dry and to avoid adhesive from curing. The adhesive flow is regulated with an air pressure regulator on the air motor. The start/stop is manually  controlled with an adhesive gun and the adhesive is applied with a steel spreader. When the machine is not in use, the spreader and the nozzles are lowered into a nozzle box filled with protective oil to eliminate the adhesive from curing.



Pump 35
Pump 45

Required air pressure:

6bar @ 1500l/min

6bar @ 1500l/min

Capacity approx*:
*20 double strokes/minute

1,7 litre/min
depending on viscosity, hose length/diameter and nozzle diameter

2,8 litre/min
depending on viscosity, hose length/diameter and nozzle diameter

Pressure ratio:

1:15    |    1:24

1:15    |    1:24    |    1:39


All data and characteristics mentioned in this booklet are by way of example only. Aplicator Systems reserves the right to modify the products without prior notice.




• Air motor with regulator and manometer
• Piston pump with suction pipe for 200 L drum
• Barrel adapter for 200L drum
• Silica gel filter
• 5m hose set
• Pneumatic operated dispensing gun with ball valve
• 1,5m extension pipe
• 500mm steel spreader, single row
• Nozzle box for spreader



• Agitator
• Low level monitoring
• Pump unit in stainless steel
• Pressure plate for high viscous materials
• Pneumatic pump lift
• Drum lid


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