Mixing and application of viscous two component materials.


With a unique modular system, the Scanrex 2K-ALLMIX can be configured to suit a wide range of applications with metering ratios from 10:1 up to 1:1 and flow rates from 20ml/min up to 10 litres per minute at a continuous flow. The ALLMIX can be fitted as a manual stand alone, pneumatic driven 2K metering and mixing station with a 2K mixing handgun, or as an advanced automatic PLC-controlled machine integrated in a production line. 2K ALLMIX can be configured to handle; Polyurethane, Polysulphide, Epoxy, Polyester, Silicone, Acid hardening wood glue, MS Polymer etc.



Moulding in of electronic components – construction gluing – gluing of sandwich constructions – Joint Sealing & Gap Filling – foil lamination – model moulding – coating – application of insulating foam.


The heart of the ALLMIX is the lever system, driven by a piston air motor. By fitting an A- and a B-pump onto the lever system you will achieve a ratio between A- and B-component depending on pump sizes and the positioning of the B-pump. The pump sizes will also determines the maximum output. The viscosity of A- and B components, will determine the type of feeding units that are required. Non pressurised tanks, Pressurised tanks, or feeding pumps.



  • Non pressurized tanks 12–90 litre

  • Pressurized tanks 12–90 litre

  • Feeding pumps TRP or HVP

  • Material filter between pressure tanks and metering pump

  • Silica gel filter on the tank of component B to absorb moisture

All data and characteristics mentioned in this booklet are by way of example only. Given flow capacities and material pressure are depending of; inlet air pressure, material viscosity, the hose dimensions and other equipment fitted after the pump outlet. Aplicator Group reserves the right to modify the products without prior notice.




Mixing ratio: 100:10 to 100:150
Capacity mixed material: max 10 litres/minute Pressure increase in
metering pumps: from 10:1 to 50:1 Air consumption at 6 bar: 300–900 litres/minute
Air pressure inlet max: 6 bar
Standard frame: 650 x 750 mm
Weight: 150–300 kg
Noise level: < 70 dB (A)



      • High pressure hoses, PA or PTFE

      • Pneumatic mixing gun with handle and disposable static mixers

      • Electric start/stop of mixing gun

      • Material pressure regulator for pulsation-free application and exact regulation of the material flow from the mixer valve

      • Solvent free cleaning system for flushing the mixer with component A (Base Purge)


  • PLC with function for:

      • Monitoring the mixing ratio between component A and B

      • Monitoring the amount of mixed material processed

      • Shot volume control

      • Level control in the pressure tanks

      • Regulation of the filling pumps for the automatic refill of pressure tanks

      • Potlife control with alarm

      • Automatic cleaning of mixer at set time (Auto Purge)

      • Temperature control (provided the machine is equipped with heating units)

      • Log production records to printer, computer or local network

      • Modem for support at distance


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Manual system fitted with 30 litre tanks, large wheels, handle for easy movement and glue rake. The system is fully
pneumatic, no electrical supply required.

Manual system fitted with two HVP200 feeding pumps, suitable for high viscosity materials. A material pressure regulator at pump outlet ensures minimized pulsation from the piston pumps.

PLC controlled version with separate pulpit for electrical cabinets. Monitoring of working pressures with alarms for high and low limits. Alarm for level control of pressure tanks. Electrical start and stop.

Material preparation system featuring
pressure tanks with agitators.

System fitted with servo regulator for control of material pressure at the outlet. Part of production line, controlled by external PLC system.

System fitted with 30 litres tanks, large wheels and handle for easier movement. Auto filling of A-and B-tanks from 200 litre barrels.

Manual system fitted with two HVP200 feeding pumps, suitable for high viscosity materials. Mixing gun fitted on a pedestal and operated with a foot pedal.

Mixing valve/gun with replaceable mixing head for different types of materials. Different types of brackets for static installation. Gun handles are available as accessories.

Swing arm with balancer for better ergonomics.

PLC controlled system with the possibility of timed shots. Alarm for low and high pressure and low level in tanks. Nonpressurized tanks, suitable for material with lower viscosities.

Disposable Static Mixers are used for inline mixing. Even after six elements A and B components have already been mixed sixtyfour times.