Two components precision dispensing



With our customers’ needs and our knowledge, a system for measuring, mixing and dispensing of two component materials
emerged. The Scanrex 2K GMM E2 is based on our long experience of application of two-component materials. The high quality of our products is a result of continuous product development, improvement of manufacturing methods and of course our skilled staff. The products are designed and manufactured at our plant, located in Strömstad on the west coast of Sweden. All SCANREX products meet the council directive and are CE marked.



The system is based on the servo-driven gear pumps where the many different combinations of motors, gears and gear pumps
ensure that the system can be configured for most flows and mixing ratios. The system can be adapted to run small shots or large continuous flows. With an innovative new control system and a user-friendly HMI, we move forward the positions of mixing system. The system handles two component materials of low to medium viscosity such as epoxies, polyurethanes and silicones. The system handles two different driving styles, continuous flow and shots. In continuous driving, you set flow in ml/s. Starting and stopping is done with the trigger, foot pedal or external signal. At shots you set the flow rate and shot size and starts dispensing with trigger, foot pedal or external signal, stop occurs when the selected shot volume is reached. At shots, you can set up to three different flows, a start-up flow, a running stream and a closing flow. Each driving styles can be saved as a recipe that can easily be loaded via the panel before production. In the recipe, you can also specify a unique recipe mixing ratio. The system handles more than 99 recipes.


Alarm handling

The system has an extensive alarm handling where the user can put most border itself. Several alarm limits can be set in two stages, warning that provides a visual warning and alarm that stops the system. Potlife guard, torque limitation for motors and pressure sensors for A-and B-component is standard.



  • Transport pumps A-/B-component for automatic filling of pressure tanks

  • Autochanger for transport pumps ( two A- and/or B-containers)

  • Agitators for pressure tanks and material container

  • Custom dimensions of all hoses and pips

  • Material batch handling

  • Serial number handling

  • Auto change of recipe from supervised system

  • Advanced productions logging

  • Flowmeters, close loop for each component


SCANREX reserves the right to modify the specifications without prior notice. Id: 2KGMME2001




Standard machine: 2 x 30 L pressure tanks without agitators
W x L x H approx: 700 x 1300 x 1670 mm
Weight approx: 260 kg
Pneumatic supply: 6-7 Bar
Air consumption: <20 l / min
Electricity supply: 380V, 16A / 230V, 10A
Max Power: 1000 W
Noise level: <70 dB (A)



Configurable flowrates: less than 5 ml/min up to 10 l/min, mixing ratio 100:1.5 – 100:100, dependning of motor/gears/gear pumps combinations and characteristics of the materials.



Motors: Servo 400W / 750W
Gears: 10:1, 15:1, 20:1, 30:1
Gear pumps: from 0,05 cc/rev to 50 cc/rev (standard from 0,3 – 12 cc/rev)



Sizes: from 12 to 90 litres stainless steel/galvanized


190003360 Two valves, static mixer
194000580 Single valve ”snuff-back”, static mixer



  • Potlife guard

  • Recipe handling

  • Pressure monitoring

  • Guided cleaning cycle

Parameters and recipes back-up to USB SCANREX reserves the right to modify the specifications without prior notice. Id: 2KGMME2001


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