Solvent reclaiming units

CIEMME Solvent reclaiming units

Aplicator Group is reseller of Ciemme’s Solvent reclaiming units.

The products

  • Solvent and thinner reclaiming units

  • Solvent and thinner reclaiming units with vacuum plants

  • Self-cleaning solvent reclaiming units

  • Also availible with:

    -Vapour stainless steel condenser

    -PTFE coated distillation tank

    -Front discharge valve

    -Solvent automatic loading system and/or automatic transfer of the distillate

    -Distilled solvent automatic system

    -Double set-point execution in case of solvent mix

    -Min/Max level sensor device

    -Containing base

    -Remote parameters by PLC System


Ciemme’s products guarantee the following advantages;

  • No costs of disposal (the solvent is totally recycled)

  • A better work quality and safety

  • Quick pay-back time of the investment

  • Unlimited recover of the solvent

  • Reduction of the expenses for the purchasing/warehousing of the solvent

  • Independence from the external waste disposal companies

CIEMME Solvent reclaiming units

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