For filled resins with flakes or glitter

GF-15 SG (Spray Granite)

The GF-15 Spray Granite is in the first place intended for filled resins with flakes or glitter. To minimize solvent use, mixing of the components takes place in the spray gun. The gun is equipped with an air-assisted spray nozzle.



Aplicator’s GF-15 machine works with an air driven dual-acting piston pump, both for the resin and the catalyst. Manufactured from stainless steel, the catalyst pump incorporates a pressure gauge and pressure relief valve and is synchronized with the resin pump shaft for precise delivery of catalyst. Consequently, it is independent of variations in air supply or material viscosity.
Catalyst volumes are easily adjusted with a hand wheel, which changes the stroke length of the catalyst pump. The mixing ratios are continuously variable. Catalyst is pumped directly from the original container. Resin is usually pumped from a 25-litre pail but can also be pumped from a 200-litre drum, a
bulk container or a fixed storage tank. Components are mixed internally in a static mixer in the gun. As there is no handling of resin or catalyst in open containers, the working environment will be cleaner and safer. To facilitate degassing and function checks the machine is additionally equipped with a unique recirculation system for the catalyst and resin.



Cleaning the spray gun after use is easily achieved using the built-in pneumatically operated flushing pump. With no manual handling of potentially hazardous solvents, simply pressing the flush button will automatically flush the gun.


Aplicator have used the method of internal mixing of resin and catalyst for many years, which has consistently proved to be the best method for obviating the problems that can occur with incomplete mixing.



The machine showed on the overleaf might have extra equipment, modifications might have been made since the brochures were printed.

GF-15 SG (Spray Granite)



  • Ergonomic gun

  • Gun mixing

  • Recirculation of resin and catalyst

  • Catalyst slave pump for accurate catalyst dosage

  • Catalyst volume continuously variable between 0.8 and 4.0 %

  • Static mixer

  • Wheeled chassis for full mobility, with carrying handels

  • All dynamic seals are self-lubricating and of highest quality

    for minimum maintenance


Air supply: 6 bar (90 PSI)
Air consumption: 90 litres / litre output
Capacity: Up to 6 litres / min,
depending on viscosity,
hose length/diameter
Max. working pressure: 90 bar (1350 PSI)
Pressure ratio: 15:1
Mixing ratio: Continuously variable
between 0.8 and 4.0%
Hose length: Standard 10 m
Total weight: Approx 70 kg
Resins to be used: Polyesters, Vinylesters, etc