For high viscous filled resins

GF-8000 Core

Please note! The machine on the picture is equipped with a special chassis and suction hose for a different type of resin system.

GF-8000 Core is in the first place intended for high viscosity resins filled with glass-flakes or other abrasive fillers. The machine can also be used for other 1- or 2-component resins such as paints, epoxy etc. GF-8000 Core is robust, easy to handle and constructed to withstand hard work during long working days. All regulators and meters are concentrated on one panel for simple adjustment.



Aplicator’s GF-8000 Core machine works with an air driven dual-acting piston pump, both for the resin and the catalyst. Manufactured from stainless steel, the catalyst pump incorporates a pressure gauge and pressure relief valve and is synchronised with the resin pump shaft for precise delivery of catalyst. Consequently, it is independent of variations in air supply or material viscosity. Catalyst volumes are easily adjusted with a handwheel, which changes the stroke length of the catalyst pump. The mixing ratios are continuously variable between 0.8 – 2.5 %. Catalyst is pumped directly from the original container. Resin is usually pumped from a 200-litre drum, but can also be pumped from a 25-liter pail, a bulk container or a fixed storage tank. Using a static mixer, catalyst and resin are thoroughly blended together before the material is pumped through a single hose to the gun.



Cleaning the spray gun after use is easily carried out by the built in pneumatic operated flushing pump. By pressing the flushing button on the pump, the static mixer, hose, handle and spray gun will automatically be flushed with no manual handling of hazardous solvents.


The machine showed on the overleaf might have extra equipment, modifications might have been made since the brochures were printed.

GF-8000 Core



  • Catalyst slave pump for exact catalyst: resin ratio

  • Continuously variable catalyst ratio

  • Recirculation of catalyst

  • Pneumatically solvent pump

  • Transportable chassis

  • Two wheeled trolley for full mobility

  • Static mixer

  • Easy to operate

  • Adjustable nozzle

  • Additional feeding pump for base material



  • Volume meter

  • Flow meter

  • Catalyst pressure guard

  • Catalyst slave pump for mixing ratio between 0.8–8 %

  • Catalyst slave pump for mixing ratio between 10–25 %

  • Catalyst slave pump for mixing ratio between 20–48 %



Air supply: 6 Bar (90 psi)
Air consumption: 120 litres / litre output
Capacity: Depending on relationship between pressure, viscosity, hose length and nozzle orifice
Max. working pressure: 200 Bar (3000 psi)
Pressure ratio: 36:1
Viscosity: The nozzle orifice, pressure must harmonise with the viscosity and thixotrophy of the material used
Mixing ratio: Continuously variable between 0.8 and 2.5 %
Hose length: Standard length 10 m
Total weight: Approx. 93 kg


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