Spray-up Machine

IPS-15 / IPSB-15

Superbly designed and engineered, Aplicator’s IPS-15 machine for polyester glass fibre spray up is suitable for use by moulding companies of all sizes. It isefficient, clean to use, safe and easy to handle with simple controls for straightforward operation. Aplicator’s unique, continuously variable catalyst slave pump is included to ensure a continuously precise resin to catalyst ratio. Polyester and catalyst are mixed internally in a pneumatically operated spray gun that incorporates spray nozzles for a perfect mix with minimum over spray. This provides optimum working conditions for operators with less fumes and mess. Aplicator’s patented spray gun has been developed to significantly reduce the need for cleaning solvents. As the mixing of components takes place in the head of the spray gun amounts of solvent used for flushing of the gun is minimal. Two gun models are available.



Aplicator’s IPS-15 / IPSB-15 machines uses an air driven dual acting piston pumps for both resin and catalyst. The stainless steel catalyst pump incorporates a pressure gauge and pressure relief valve and is synchronised with the resin pump shaft for precise delivery of material regardless of variations in air supply or viscosity. Catalyst volumes are easily adjusted by means of a hand wheel that changes the stroke length of the catalyst pump. Continuously variable mixing ratios are a feature of the machine. Components are mixed internally in a static mixer with the spray nozzle providing an ideal spray pattern with a minimum of fumes. The machines is also equipped with a unique resin and catalyst recirculation system to permit degassing and testing. Catalyst is pumped straight from the original container. Resin is usually pumped from a 200-litre drum, but can also be pumped from a 25-litre pail, a bulk container or a fixed storage tank.



The special designed lightweight chopper and spray gun incorporates a number of important features including high quality bearing assistance for all moving parts. Pressure between the rubber roller and the knife roller can be adjusted during operation to allow the use of lower grades of glass fibre. Chopped fibres are fed into a special designed chute, which directs the fibres into the material mix with a high degree of accuracy. The standard length of chopped fibre is 25 mm. Other chopping lengths are available on request. The chopper, which can easily be removed from its casing for cleaning and inspection, has a very high capacity and can also be used for other types of fibre. Up to three strands can be used at the same time.



Aplicator’s mixing device enables the mixer to be placed just before the spray nozzle. This method of introducing catalyst into the resin flow thoroughly blends the two components resulting in the highest quality of the finished product with minimal waste.



Cleaning the spray gun after use is easily carried out using the built-in pneumatically operated solvent pump. Pressing the flush button automatically flushes the gun with a mixture of solvent and air. This technique considerably reduces the use of cleaning solvents.

IPS-15 / IPSB-15



  • Catalyst slave pump for precise catalyst to resin ratio

  • Continuously variable catalyst ratio

  • Recirculation of resin and catalyst for degassing and testing

  • Pneumatically operated solvent flush button on spray gun

  • Flushing with a mix of solvent and air

  • Fibres are impregnated with minimal air content

  • Even flow of catalysed material

  • Easy to operate

  • Two wheeled trolley for full mobility



Air supply: 6 bar (90 psi)
Air consumption: 90 litres / litre output
Chopper std: Approx. 320 litres / min
Capacity: Up to 6 litres/min, depending on viscosity, hose length/ diameter and nozzle orifice
Chopper capacity: 300 – 3600 gr glasfibre/min, depending on number of strands used
Max. working pressure: 90 bar (1350 psi)
Pressure ratio: 15:1
Mixing ratio: Continuously variable between 0.8 and 4.0 %
Hose length: Standard length 10 m
Weight of gun/chopper: 2.4 kg
Total weight incl.
Drum cart & Boom: Approx. 130 kg


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