Automatic dispensing system for one, two or three component adhesives


System 3600 mixes and dispenses adhesives and resins such as polyurethane, epoxy and ms-polymers. The automatic system is the perfect choice for sandwich panel manufacturing, when there is a need to serve several glueing stations with one machine. The system is cost-effective and can be configured in many different ways in order to meet your needs.



System 3200 is designed for automatic mixing and dispensing of one, two or three component medium viscosity adhesives and resins. The system is suitable for sandwich panel industrial production such as truck bodies, mobile chassis, caravans etc, where an even and accurate adhesive spreading is required. System 3600 improves the quality of the final product, simplifies production and improves the working environment.

The machine is moving on rails up to 60 m in length, with the possibility to have working tables on both sides of the machine. This enables high efficiency to a lower cost. When it is time to switch side of the gluing arm, a locking cylinder is released and the arm is swung over to the other side by hand. This way the system is safe for persons nearby, and the operator can put the next layer of material in place as the robot moves forward or is working on the other side. The operator panel placed on the boom makes it easy to control the machine while having a good overview over the part produced.

To start the gluing you simply choose a recipe, place the laser pointer to a corner of the panel, and push the start button. In the two component configuration the 3600 uses the well proven pump and dosing system from the Barkvall 3200 to pump and dose the material. For mixing and application, a mixer gun with disposable mixing tube and spreader bar is used to enable easy handling and high efficiency. The material pumps can be placed a long distance from the machine which simplifies adhesive container switching. Accumulator tanks can be used to enable containers switching seamlessly during production.


All data and characteristics mentioned in this booklet are by way of example only. Aplicator Systems reserves the right to modify the products without prior notice.





  • Mass flow meter

  • Gear pumps for flexible mixing ratio

  • Log function

  • Automatic Z-axis for up and down movement.



2K configuration:

Mixing ratio: Fixed 100:100 – 100:4 or continuous depending on specification.
Mixing ratio: ± 2 %
Air pressure requirement: 5 bar volume 1500 l/min
Current requirement: 400 V, 50 Hz three-phase
Container volume: 200 l or 1000 l
Viscosity: 1–50 000 mPas (cp) (flowable)
Capacity: Up to approx. 20 l/min, approx 10 m2/min
Spreader width: 500 mm standard
Pumps: As per specification, depending on capacity and configuration.
Dimensions (approx): Arm length: up to 4000 mm
Track width: 1200 mm
Machine length: 2000 mm
Machine width: 1600 mm

SYSTEM 3600 – Configurations

The 2K 3600 is equipped with the 3200 mixing unit for mixing and dosing the components with very precise results.

Automatic application gun with disposable mixer and spreader.

ACCUMULATOR TANK (OPTION) Accumulator tank between material pumps and IBC container/drum. Prevent stop in production during change of IBC container/material drum.

Configuration with material drums on the trolley. Compact system for smaller volumes.

Manouver panel with touch screen.