A Concept for Vacuum Infusion Moulding


Used in combination with either of Aplicator’s IP-6000, IP-8000 IP-24/HV or IP-15 resin dispensing machines, the VIM-5 system is a unique concept that can be used with all types of vacuum infusion. It was originally developed for the production of large components but is also suitable for moulding smaller parts. The VIM-concept allows multiple vacuum infusion ports each of which are individually controlled by Aplicator’s unique resin flow control system during the infusion process. Initial capacity can be up to 60 kg per minute and more, depending on the number of vacuum hoses used and the machine settings. Customers are using the VIM-concept for the production of very large components with a resin volume up to 5000 kg. The VIM-concept delivers the correct amount of resin to the right place, at the right time.


Aplicator’s VIM-concept is a combination of and VIM-5 and one of the IP-6000, IP-8000, IP-24/HV or IP-15 resin dispensing machines equipped with a stroke counter. The resin dispensing machine is used for feeding catalysed resin into the resin tank on
the VIM-5 machine. Four level indicators control the maximum-minimum levels of resin in the tank. The five ports are individually controlled during the infusion process with Aplicator’s unique Resin Flow Control (RFC) system. This decides when the individual ports should be open and closed. They can all be open at the same time or can be opened sequentially depending on the time setting in the RFC-system. Should the resin level reach the low-level indicator, all hoses close automatically to prevent the risk of drawing air into the mould during filling. Once the part is cured, the disposable vacuum hoses are replaced and the VIM machine is ready for the next production cycle.



A normal vacuum infusion can look like the graph below:


The machine showed on the overleaf might have extra equipment, modifications might have been made since the brochures were printed.




  • No resin valves that can clog or leak air

  • No fittings between the resin tank and the mould that can leak air

  • Aplicator’s unique resin flow control system is reliable, simple to operate and maintenance-free

  • Wheeled chassis for full mobility

  • The resin dispensing machine can easily be connected or disconnected from the VIM machine and can be used separately

  • No solvent needed for cleaning

  • The VIM concept provides the correct amount of resin in the right place and at the right time.



Air supply: 6 bar (90 psi)
Air consumption: 10 litres / min
Vacuum: Depending on mould size
Capacity: 1 – 60 kg/min
Max hose length: No limit
Number of vacuum hoses: Optinal, 1 – 5 standard
Electrical connection: 220 VAC, 50 – 60 HZ
Resins to be used: Polyesters, Vinylesters, Epoxies etc


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