Sealing circuit boards to protect from electric sparks – Sundström Safety

Manufacturing safety equipment does not only involve meeting with the strictest regulations. It also means taking responsibility for people’s safety in hazardous conditions. Knowing that no chain is stronger that its weakest link Sundström Safety chooses its suppliers with care. They chose Aplicator Group.

Since the start in 1926 Sundström Safety has become renowned world-wide as a leading manufacturer of respiratory protection equipment. Sundström Safety products are designed to be used in the most demanding conditions – such as onboard North Sea oil rigs, deep down in Australian mines and in the most dangerous jobs, such as asbestos-removal

– Our products are developed to meet and exceed the demands set by international regulations and standards, explains Andreas Holmström, Production Manager at Sundström Safety in Lagan, Sweden.

Risk of explosion

Aiming to be the best in the world at something extremely difficult has been a successful strategy for Sundström Safety. The production at the Lagan plant has grown steadily over the years and the respiratory equipment is used all over the world.
Among their wide range of products Sundström Safety offer fan-assisted respiratory masks that can be used in fire-hazardous environments. These products need to meet with the ATEX directive (ATmosphères EXplosives) within EU.

– To do this we need to guarantee that no spark can be generated from the electrical circuits in the battery-driven fan, explains Andreas.


Recommended by supplier

This means that components need to be sealed with hardening polyurethane, a two-component viscose material. Andreas and Sundström Safety were recommended by their material supplier OEM Electronics to get in touch with Aplicator Group. 

– Their genuine knowledge and humble approach struck me the first time we worked together. Aplicator Group really went to great lengths to come up with a solution that could meet with our requirements, says Andreas.

Improved working conditions

Today Sundström Safety uses a custom-adapted Scanrex machine to pot its tiny electrical components and since the start it has increased the capacity and speed of the production line.

– The precision and accuracy of our Scanrex machine not only allows us to create a great product. It has also improved the working conditions at our plant by handling the chemicals in a closed system. – As manufacturers of safety equipment, taking care of our own work force is extremely important for us, says Andreas Holmström, production manager at Sundström Safety.