System 3200 is designed for measuring, mixing and dispensing of low, medium and high viscosity two component adhesives and resins. Compatible materials including epoxy, polyurethane and silicone for use in industrial applications such as sandwich panel manufacturing, electronic castings and sealing.

System 3200 improves the quality of the final product, simplifies production, and simplifies the handling of adhesive/curing agents during manufacturing and improves the working environment. The system automatically measures the adhesive components and ensures an accurate and homogeneous mixture. Components are dosed under pressure to eliminate air entrapment.

The complete System 3200 includes hoses, mixer gun with a static disposable mixing tube, nozzle and spreaders. The machine can be assembled with an automatic electronic shot system with a precisionhandling program if desired. System 3200 is ideal for precision adhesive dispensing for electronic equipment, wide string spreading on sandwich panel elements, and sealant applications.

The metering unit in System 3200 is comprised of two linked, displacement pistons. The mixing ratio between base and hardener is fixed but can be customized with different piston sizes. The system is double acting and gives an even and continuous material flow. The mixing gun is drip free and can be supplied with a handle, foot control or photo sensor control.

Product sheet

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System 3200

3200 Feeding pump Component A 3200 - Feeding Pump Component B 3200 - Solvent flushing unit
Feeding Pump Component A Feeding Pump Component B Solvent flushing unit (option)
 Feeding pump for Component A with agitator and
low level indicator.
 Feeding pump for Component B with silica gel filter and low
level indicator.
 Solvent flushing unit with tank and pump.
3200 - agitator with drum lid 3200 - automatic application gun 3200 - manual adhesive guns
Agitator with drum lid (option) Automatic application gun (option) Manual adhesive guns
 Drum lid with pneumatic or electrical agitator for preventing
 Automatic application gun with disposable mixer and spreader.  Two component guns with different mixers and spreaders.
Wide range for different purposes available.
3200 - Accumulator tank (option) 3200 - Wheel chassis
Accumulator tank (option) Wheel chassis (option)
 Accumulator tank between material pumps and IBC container/
drum. Prevent stop in production during change of IBC
material drum.
 Metering unit, material drums and feeding pumps mounted on
our wheel chassis.

Technical data

Capacity From single drops up to approx. 20 l/min depending on viscosity and mixing ratio
Required air pressure 5 bar, 500-1500 l/min
Mixing ratio Fixed: 100:100 - 100:4
Mixing accuracy ±2%
Viscosity range 1 - 2*106 mPas
Electronic dosing system From 1 gram and up
Material container volume 25, 200, 1500 kg
Machine Weight 350 kg
Length 180 cm
Width 50 cm
Height 140 cm
Pumps As per specification depending on capacity and viscosity