System 3400 is designed for automatic dispensing of one and two component medium viscosity adhesives and resins for manufacturing of sandwich panels. The system pumps and spreads the adhesive evenly in a diamond pattern over the substrate surface and improves the quality of the final product, simplifies production and improves the working environment.

System 3400 can be made either in fixed or mobile configuration. In fixed configuration the material is moved on a conveyor underneath the adhesive spreader and in mobile configuration the spreader rolls on rails on top of the conveyor. The system can be used both for discrete panel manufacturing or I continuous panel production lines. Selection of configuration type depends on product, manufacturing process and speed, adhesive and press time.

The machine system is automatic with start and stop at the panel edges and the dispensing speed is automatically adjusted to panel width, adhesive flow and coat weight. The machine is easily controlled at the operator panel with recipe handling of process parameters and panel dimensions. The system performs the spreading sequence after a press on the start button. The system can also be integrated into a present process line and superior control system.

The system is suitable for industrial production of sandwich panels with skin material of steel, wood or plastic, and core material of plaster, rockwool, EPS, PEX etc. Suitable for products such as doors building elements, facade panels, etc.

The system can be equipped with massflow metering system or viscosity compensator system for enhanced adhesive quality control.

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Technical data

Capacity 50-500 g/m2
Conveyor speed 1-10 m/min
Spreader speed Up to 80 m/min
Spreader width 150 - 500 mm
Req. air pressure 5-7 bar
Req. air volume 500-1500 l/min
Electrical power 415 V, three face, 50 Hz
Viscosity Up to 50,000 mPas (cp)
Container volume 25, 200, 1500 kg
Machine weight Approx. 350 kg
Dimensions As per specification
Pumps As per specification depending on capacity requirement and adhesive selection