System 3600 is designed for automatic dispensing of two component medium viscosity adhesives and resins. The system is suitable for sandwich panel industrial production such as truck bodies, mobile chassis, caravans etc, where an even and accurate adhesive spreading is required. System 3600 improves the
quality of the final product, simplifies production and improves the working environment.

The machine works automatically on wheel tracks along a multiple of working tables of up to 60 metres. The machine is easy to handle with the operator panel. To set the panel size, locate the laser pointer to the panel corner and push start button. Please ask for a CD-ROM demo disc.

The complete system also includes a meter unit 3200 and mixer gun with static disposable mixing tubes and spreader bar. Base and hardener pumps can be placed a long distance from the machine which simplifies the adhesive container or drum handling.

The meter unit in System 3600 contains two displacement pistons, which are mechanically linked together and the mixing ratio is fixed between base and hardener. Massflowmeter units for base and hardener will control mixing ratio and coat weight.

Product sheet

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Technical data

Capacity Up to approx. 20 l/min approx 10 m2/min
Mixing ratio Fixed: 100:100-100:4
Mixing accuracy ±2%
Spreader width 500 mm standard
Machine weight Approx 2500 kg
Dimensions: Arm length: up to 4000 mm
- Track width: 1200 mm
- Machine length: 2000 mm
- Machine width: 1600 mm
Air Pressure req. 5 bar volume 1500 l/min
Current req. 400 Volt, 50 Hz 3 face
Container vol. 200 l drum or 1000 l container
Viscosity 1-50 000 mPas (cp) (flowable)
Options RS 232 communication to PC
- Massflow meter
Pumps: As per specification; depending on Viscosity: 1-50 000 mPas (cp) (flowable) capacity requirement