Shot metering unit


The 2K-MINIMIX is designed to meter and mix different types of viscous two component materials, i.e. polyurethane, epoxy and silicon. The metering unit consists of two single acting metering pumps powered by a double acting pneumatic cylinder. The two components are mixed together via a disposable static mixer sited on the outlet manifold. The size of A and B component pistons decide the mixing ratio and the min/max shot volume of mixed material. Shot volume can be easily changed by means of the adjusting screw. The standard 2K MINIMIX comes with a pneumatic pistol grip handle for manualdispensing. The metering head can also be static mounted with a foot switch. It is also possible to use the 2K MINIMIX for automatic dispensing using robots or the XYZ-axis systems.

Example of mixing ratio and shot volumes [ml]:

Ratio Min Max
100:100 0,03 1,54
100:50 0,07 1,16
100:25 0,08 0,96


All data and characteristics mentioned in this booklet are by way of example only. Given flow capacities and material pressure are depending of; inlet air pressure, material viscosity, the hose dimensions and other equipment fitted after the pump outlet. Aplicator Group reserves the right to modify the products without prior notice.



Dosing volume:
Depending on needle sizes you can achieve different mixing ratios and shot volumes. The table shows the minimum and maximum shot size for different mixing ratios in volume [ml].

Air pressure max: 6 bar
Air consumption approx: 3 l/min
Air connection: G 1/4”

2K-MINIMIX : 80x80x280mm (without static mixer)
Weight: 1,9 kg (2K-MINIMIX with handle)
Noise level: <70 dB (A)


  • Pneumatic handle with trigger

  • Static mixer

  • Valve seat/cone of hard metal


  • Feeding unit, pressure tanks

  • Metering unit in stainless and acid proof steel

  • Foot pedal trigger

  • Handle with electric pneumatic trigger

  • Fixture with automatic activation

  • Material hose, high pressure PTFE

  • Adapter for robot/XYZ-table mounting


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