Epoxy Glue Machine, for high viscosity materials

EGM T200

EGM T200 is, in the first place, intended for High viscosity Epoxy-resins. The equipment can also be used for other 2- component materials. The mixing ratio is continuously variable between 1:1 and 1:10. The dosing is correct to ± 1 of the adjusted ratio. Easy and reliable to handle.



The dosage equipment D-2000 is connected to two feeder pumps with follower plates which pump the two components into the dosing unit, where after the 2-components are dosed according to the adjusted mixing ratio. After that the materials are transferred to static or dynamic mixer. Material wastage and reject levels are reduced to an absolute minimum by ensuring that the components are mixed in the precise ratios. Since the mixer is placed in the end of the gun it helps to minimize the waste.



By using a disposable mixer no solvent is needed for cleaning. After finishing operation just disconnect the disposable mixer and replace it with a new one and the machine ready for the next application.

The machine showed on the overleaf might have extra equipment, modifications might have been made since the brochures were printed.

EGM T200



  • Continuously adjustable catalyst ratio

  • Air driven, no electrical connections

  • Mixing in gun

  • Disposable static mixer, no solvent pump needed.

  • Different mixers available(dynamic, static)

  • Synchronized pumps providing exact measuring at all times

  • A variety of application tool available



  • Mixing ratio alarm

  • PLC control

  • Process data logging

  • Flow meters

  • Volume meter

  • Geltimer



Air supply: 6 bar (90 psi)
Air consumption: 240 litres / litre output
Capacity: Up to 12 kg / min, depending on viscosity, hose length/diameter and nozzle orifice
Max working pressure: 216 bar (3240 psi)
Mixing ratio: 1:1-1:10
Hose length: Standard length 10 m
For use with: 200 litre drum


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