For filled resins (Relining)


An ultra light designed machine intended for resins filled with glass-flake or other abrasive fillers. The machine can also be used for other 1- or 2-component resins such as paints, epoxy etc.

GF-15 UL has a total weight of 35kgs (77lb) and is very easy to handle and constructed to withstand hard work during long working days. Easy to change material bucket with built in two pneumatic operated cylinders for lifting material pump up and down. All regulators and meters are concentrated on one panel for simple adjustment. The machine is equipped with Aplicators unique catalyst pump with stepless adjustable catalyst ratio. Internal mixing of material and catalyst for complete mixing of the product. Or external mixning.



Aplicator’s GF-15 UL machine works with an air driven dualacting piston pump both for the resin and the catalyst. The stainless steel constructed catalyst pump is synchronized with the material pump shaft for exact catalyst dosage independent of variations in air supply or viscosity of material. A handle that changes the stroke lenghts of the catalyst pump easily adjusts the catalyst amount. The mixing ratio is freely adjustable between 0,8-3%. The catalyst is transferred directly from the original container. The machine is also equipped with a unique recirculation system of the catalyst for degassing and function check. The two pneumatically operated air cylinders ensure an easy and safe raising and lowering of the pump unit to change bucket for resin.



Cleaning the mixer after use is easily done by the built-in pneumatic operated flushing pump for solvent. By pressing the flushing button on the machine, the hose and gun will automatically be flushed with no manual handling of solvent.


The machine showed might have extra equipment, modifications might have been made since uploaded.





  • Catalyst slave pump for exact catalyst-resin ratio.

  • Continiously adjustable catalyst ratio.

  • Air driven. No electrical connections.

  • Recirculation of catalyst and resin.

  • Pneumatically operated solvent pump.

  • Pneumatic lifting system for material change.

  • Light weight trolley.

  • Big wheels for easy maneuver.

  • Folding handles.


Air supply: 6 bar (90 PSI)
Air consumption: 90 litres / litre output
16,2 normail litre/min
Capacity: Up to 5 litres / min
Max. working pressure: 90 bar (1305 PSI)
Pressure ratio: 16:1
Mixing ratio: Continuously variable
between 0.8 and 3.0 %
Hose length: Up to 20 meters
Total weight: Approx. 30-35 kg (66-77 lb)


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