For High Viscosity Material

IPP-8000/T200 MG (Mixing in gun)

Aplicator’s IPP-8000/T200 MG (mixing in gun) is designed for application of medium to high viscosity materials such as polyester putty, sealants, silicones, grease, adhesives and other similar materials in single or multi part form. Pumping and mixing to the right proportions demands a special technique when working with higher viscosity materials. This can be achieved with this machine even when pumping straight from the material container. For a perfect result, the machine is equipped with a pneumatically operated follower plate, which exerts a pressure on the material in the drum, prevents surface curing and guaranteeing full material flow with every pump stroke. An exact resin to catalyst ratio is provided.



Aplicator’s IPP-8000/T200 MG works with an air driven dual-acting piston pump, for both the resin and the peroxide. Manufactured from stainless steel, the peroxide pump incorporates a pressure gauge and pressure relief valve and is synchronized with the resin pump shaft for precise delivery of peroxide. Consequently, it is independent of variations in air supply or material viscosity. Components are mixed internally in a static mixer, mounted on the gun, for thorough blending of the components. Aplicator have used the internal mixing system for many years, which has consistently proved to be the best method for obviating problems that can occur with incomplete mixing. To easily adjust the peroxide volume, a handle changes the stroke length of the peroxide pump. The mixing ratios are continuously variable between 1-8%. The peroxide is transferred directly from the original container.
Two pneumatically operated cylinders ensure a safe raising and
lowering of the pump unit, air evacuation from the material vessel
and capability of air injection to release pressure plate from the empty material drum. Pneumatic Follower Plate mounted on a two-post heavy-duty chassis transfers the material directly from a 200-litre drum. For degassing and functional checks, the machine is also equipped with a unique peroxide recirculation system.



Cleaning the dispensing gun and mixer after use is easily achieved using the built-in, pneumatically operated flushing pump. With no manual handling of potentially hazardous solvents, simply pressing the flush button on the machine automatically flushes the mixer and dispensing gun. With Aplicator’s specially designed gun there is reduced material and solvent waste, compared to classic systems.


The machine showed on the overleaf might have extra equipment, modifications might have been made since the brochures were printed.

IPP-8000/T200 MG (Mixing in gun)



  • Peroxide slave pump for exact catalyst-resin ratio

  • Continuously variable peroxide ratio

  • Recirculation of catalyst

  • Specially designed static mixer mounted on the gun
    for reduced material waste

  • Pneumatic operated dispensing gun

  • Air evacuation from material drum

  • Double seals on follower plate

  • Optional boom available to assist with larger production areas

  • Optional mobile chassis



Air supply: 6 bar (90 psi)
Air consumption: 240 litres / litre output
Capacity: Depending on pressure, material viscosity, hose length
and diameter.
Max. working pressure: 216 Bar (3240 psi)
Pressure ratio: 36:1
Mixing ratio: Continuously variable
between 1– 8 %
Hose length: Standard length 10 m
For use with: 200 litre drum
Total weight: Approx. 200 kg